Physiotherapy is the physical treatment of the body, usually by hands-on techniques (manual therapy), to aid the return to health of a body suffering the effects of injury.

It plays a vital role in pain relief and healing following injuries to muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves.

When you come for your first consultation, Anne-Liese will take a detailed history of your problem and carry out a physical examination. She will then discuss the findings with you and agree a plan of treatment.

Anne-Liese is a manual therapist; this means she uses treatment techniques such as manipulation, mobilisation and massage – to loosen up stiff joints or tight soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, interconnecting tissues and nerves). The treatment may also involve electrotherapy (e.g. ultrasound) to help the healing process and some exercises tailored to the individual. The exercises help to increase flexibility and movement, strengthen muscles, improve balance and coordination. There will be plenty of advice on what you can do to prevent a re-occurrence.

Conditions treated include:    
Spinal injuries (eg neck and back pain) Postural problems
Sprains/strains (eg tennis elbow) Orthopaedic problems
Traumatic injuries (eg whiplash) Repetitive strain/overuse injuries
Sports related injuries Fractures.
Degenerative diseases Post surgical rehabilitation
  (eg osteoarthritis and osteoporosis)    


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